Honoring the Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Alling Sewall

Thoughts and Reflections

We invite you to use the reply box below to share your own thoughts and reflections on Elizabeth, whether memories from past times together with her or current ways in which she is present in your life.

17 Responses to “Thoughts and Reflections”

  1. Laurel Starks

    I just read “Remembrances” and Elizabeth’s desire to never miss the moment will stick with me forever. We used to have a Monday afternoon play group with our children who would ride bikes, play on swing sets, and play wiffle ball – we would stand together and discuss our worries and dreams. Later, this grew into time for ourselves (and sometimes our husbands!) as we would share parenting stories- always a source of laughter and camaraderie. I miss you every day, Elizabeth…but I will take your advice and “won’t mope!” Love, Laurel

  2. Jackie Bechek

    I still can hear Elizabeth’s wonderful and warm laugh every day. I feel that she is still near to me when I hear it, and I am comforted that she is nearby watching over all of us who loved her so. Although her life ended much too soon for us all, her legacy will live forever in the good works that will stem from her memory.

  3. Lolli Dennison Leeson

    A beautiful tribute and so well organized. Elizabeth would be proud and is smiling from above. Thank you to all who created it- so comforting for all of us. I would love to have you put the words Elizabeth wrote for the West Chop church service – she gave the sermon after her first round of Cancer. I have never forgotten what she said. Could you possibly post that too? thank you.
    Lolli Leeson

  4. annne

    Up late tonight and thinking of you, Elizabeth. I have a stack of your fave Barefoot Countessa recipes on the shelf next to me. This week, I think I will make one I have not tried yet. I miss you.

    • Lucy Mathews Heegaard

      Anne, I have moments just like yours. While my grief has softened so much, the “missing” just doesn’t go away, does it? She still pops up in my dreams regularly, most often in a scenario where she’s come to “give me a little more time” before she goes. We hug, chat, laugh and I feel like I have really just been with her. In fact, she did promise that she’d give me signs that she’s with me. No surprise that she’s living up to her word, right? Hope you feel her presence at your side when you do your Barefoot Contessa cooking.

  5. Gordon Sewall

    I found a notebook over the weekend with notes from Elizabeth written during her last months about her hopes and dreams for her boys, her friends and the world. She even pens a verse or two. I can tell she was light on energy but there are some moving lines that speak to all of us. I need some time to decide how to share the selections meant for all of us. Really quite beautiful.

  6. Maureen Sewall

    I cannot believe that a year has past. I think of Elizabeth aka Betty to Edgar every day. I know that she would be so proud of her boys. Duncan’s early acceptance to Colby and making the football team and Scotty getting ready to finish his senior year at Trinity. We hold her in our hearts and know that she will watch over us. Love you GWS and what a fine job you have done over the past year. All my love, rere.

  7. being50247

    Up late and thinking of you Elizabeth. Duncan visited the Cape house last weekend. He is funny and kind, and a shining reminder of you. oxox Anne

    • Gordon Sewall

      Dear Anne,

      Thank you for your lovely post. I had the pleasure of attending Dana Farber’s 25 year Legacy Society celebration last evening with Scott and Duncan as my dinner companions. Elizabeth, you did such a beautiful job raising these boys into men. Engaged and engaging, fun loving and fun to be with, such a pleasure to watch them interact with an older demographic. Duncan commented on the way home that it was a good thing they sat him next to “Linda” because he has “Mom’s gift for chitty-chat.” Her boys continue to speak openly of her with enduring ease, comfort and eternal affection. Pretty remakable. See you again soon I hope.


  8. Maureen Sewall

    Thinking of you today and everyday Elizabeth. Didn’t realize why today is so special until I turned the calendar. The Sewall Men are doing “GREAT”! xo

  9. being50247

    Just catching up on the impressive EAS Team news here. Sometimes Elizabeth’s smiling face appears before me, usually when I am using her magical mixer. We have a conversation. We always talk about her boys (including Gordon) who have become the best of men. oox Anne


    Thanks Anne. She is never far away. Enjoy the rest of the summer in her honor!


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