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A Time Breeze | West Chop Sunday Service August 11, 2002

I’d like to invite you to join me in a time breeze. What’s that you ask? Read on and find out. In May of last year, Lolli Leeson, a friend of Elizabeth’s, posted the following request here at the OKELGO website:

“I would love to have you put the words Elizabeth wrote for the West Chop church service here– she gave the sermon after her first round of cancer. I have never forgotten what she said. Could you possibly post that, too? Thank you.”

I thought it was a fantastic idea because I remembered the talk, as well, not from having been present myself but from reading the copy she sent me afterwards. Delivering her remarks just a month shy of the first anniversary of 9/11 and just a few months before she was to complete treatment for her first breast cancer, Elizabeth uses a year’s worth of questions from children, mostly her own, to offer beautiful wisdom about the poignant places in life that give us pause, that put us in a “time breeze,” to quote a poem she shares in the talk.

When Lolli made her request, I thought certainly I would have no trouble locating my copy. But I had no such luck. Gordon, too, searched his files to no avail. I had given up hope of finding it at all. Yesterday, as I was looking for something else entirely, I came upon the five-page talk. It felt like magic when I found it. No, wait: it felt like a time breeze.

—Lucy Mathews Heegaard

To read Elizabeth’s remarks from the August 11, 2002 West Chop Sunday Service, click the image below.

EAS August 11 2002

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