Memorial Service

EAS Memorial Service Program FRONTElizabeth’s Memorial Service was held on September 30, 2012, in her home town of Milton, Massachusetts, in the intimate setting of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. Many called the service “life changing” and “transformative.”

Before she died, Elizabeth carefully scripted her close family and friends to express exactly what she wanted her service to be. Most of all, she wanted people to feel uplifted and to be given not just permission to carry on, but marching orders to do so! She requested that laughter be present, selected all the music to be played and quotes to be read. Her focus was to convey how much the love of family and friends had meant to her in life. “The well is deep. There is no limit to love,” she had said.

Click the links in blue below to hear and read music and remarks from Elizabeth’s service.

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St. Augustine Reading ~ Patricia Glynn Campos

Cardinal Newman Reading ~ Maria Montoya

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote Read ~ Scott Sewall

Remembrance ~ Duncan Sewall

Remembrance ~ Gordon Sewall

Remembrance ~ Greg Alling

Remembrance ~ Lucy Mathews Heegaard

Remembrance ~ The Reverend Samuel S. Rodman

MUSIC: Where the Angels Live ~ Written By Lucy Mathews HeegaarD, PERFORMED BY LUCY AND SARA HEEGAARd

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