Honoring the Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Alling Sewall

A Memorial Day Remembrance on Elizabeth’s 50th Birthday

Elizabeth’s mom Cynthia and I visited Sandy Beach in Cohasset this morning to say a prayer in honor of Elizabeth’s 50th birthday. As many of you know, Sandy Beach is the site of the Cohasset Triathlon, an event of particular joy for Elizabeth. Sun turning to clouds marked the view and only one modest piece of sea glass was gathered to give us a physical moment to center our thoughts. This last week has been a series of fun-filled and poignant celebrations for our family: Duncan’s successful completion of his freshman year at Colby, Scott’s graduation from Trinity and a gathering that marked my impending retirement from Milton. All happy moments enriched by Elizabeth’s spirit and grace. She is never far from the action, I know, and knowing that gives me comfort. I hope you give thanks on this day of remembrance for those who sacrificed so much for our country and take comfort knowing our beloved Elizabeth is watching over us now and forever.


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