Honoring the Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Alling Sewall

Fessenden Dedicates Bench in Elizabeth’s Memory

On May 28th, The Fessenden School dedicated a bench in Elizabeth’s memory as a tribute to her tenure at the school from 2007-2012. The bench also commemorates the successful conclusion of Fessenden’s Character & Community campaign, which spanned Elizabeth’s tenure and raised just over $25 million for the Fessenden endowment. Elizabeth’s leadership in her role as Director of Institutional Advancement was integral to the campaign’s success. She so wanted the school to reach its ambitious goal and was thrilled upon learning it was attained and surpassed early last summer.

In his remarks at the bench dedication, Gordon Sewall said:

“Elizabeth was an instant match for Fessenden, expert in her field and possessing a personal laboratory for developing boys right there in our home. She loved raising Scott and Duncan, scratching her female head from time to time but, ultimately, understanding what made boys tick, and with abiding love for them as precious individuals.  She studied boyhood hard and came to understand the basics of helping boys grow into men of merit with fully developed feelings and affections there for the world to see and admire. She so wanted that for her own sons and for the Fessenden boys, as well.

This bench is such a meaningful tribute to Elizabeth. With all the high energy coursing through her each day, she most valued her moments of quiet and reflection. This is a place where all of us will come from time to time, and when we do, we will feel the loving intersection between Fessenden and Elizabeth, the chance to settle down and reflect on what matters most in our lives.”

To read the full text of Gordon’s remarks at the bench dedication, click the link below. Gordon was also asked to speak at the Fessenden donor recognition dinner for the Character & Community Campaign, which followed the bench dedication. The text of his remarks at the dinner are also linked below.

Gordon Sewall’s Remarks at the Fessenden Bench Dedication in Elizabeth’s Memory

Gordon Sewall’s Remarks at the Fessenden Donor Recognition Dinner for the Character & Community Campaign

Fessenden Bench Dedicaiton




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