Honoring the Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Alling Sewall

Elizabeth Alling Sewall Endowment at Dana-Farber tops $600,000

Elizabeth Alling Sewall Endowment for Breast Cancer Research Presents Check to Dana Farber Cancer Institute's Dr. Eric Winer

At the end of 2017, Duncan, Gordon and Scott Sewall met with Dr. Eric Winer, chief of the Division of Women’s Cancers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and director of the Breast Oncology Program to discuss the endowment in Elizabeth’s memory.  In the five years since her death, the Endowment has raised an impressive $611,000.

Dr. Winer reported:

“The funds that have been generated by the endowment have been used to support our tumor bank and our research databases, which are critical to our entire research operation.  Without these facilities, our work would be severely hampered. Ultimately, the endowment’s annual proceeds will be used to support a promising junior faculty member conducting cutting edge research.”

Gordon, Duncan and Scott, along with Elizabeth’s mother Cynthia Alling, are profoundly grateful for this outpouring of support in Elizabeth’s memory. They expressed their enormous thanks to the many friends and supporters of Team Elizabeth who have helped them keep Elizabeth’s memory and legacy alive as a powerful force in the efforts to cure breast cancer.

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