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Team Elizabeth Member Tricia Glynn Shares Her Inspiration

Tricia Glynn, a dear friend of Elizabeth’s who will be riding in the Pan Mass Challenge this August with Team Elizabeth, is a veteran of many triathlons. In fact, rumor has that Tricia inspired Elizabeth to try her first triathlon once upon a time, and the two participated in a number of events together after that. Tricia recently shared a song with Gordon called “The Promise” by Tracy Chapman. With Tricia’s permission, we share her note to Gordon that explains the inspiration and comfort she draws from this song.

“Hi Gordon,

I had this song on my playlist before Elizabeth got so very sick. However, it didn’t have any meaning to me until those final weeks.

It was just a nice song from a beautiful artist.

As I told you, it became my song (and still is. It’s part of every run I do and sometimes I repeat it many times before I move on….) for thinking of our loss but really feeling like she is still in all of our lives, such a presence. As I told you, the song has more of a “partner/spouse” theme, but I felt it deeply as I mourned her failing health. We all grieved knowing her illness was taking her and how we would miss her so. I felt so sad but truly felt and feel that we are all still connected.

I have stark memories of running, thinking about her, grieving, before she was gone. I stopped and looked at some beautiful scenes on Martha’s Vineyard those last weeks of August. Elizabeth and I shared that love of Martha’s Vineyard and the ocean and running to clear our heads. 
The lyrics and music gives me great hope that we all are maintaining the connections, and “saving a place in our hearts” for when see her again.

With love,


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